Monday, April 5, 2010

My husband shot me up!

Yesterday I colored eggs. Today, I set them free with hCG. What can I say, it's an egg-ie kind of week!

On Good Friday, we saw my follicles on a TV screen. Dr. A said they look beautiful. That gives me hope. Probably too much hope. I keep reminding myself we only have ~8% chance with IUI... but hope feels so good I want to grasp on with both hands.

I forgot to ask how many were maturing. I also forgot to take a picture. Ah well. They looked like a cluster of grapes, and he said we were on track for trigger shot today (Monday), and IUI Wednesday.

Spring - The green is like a happy little slap across the face. One day it was cold and stark. The next - explosion! Green! Flowers! Blue sky! A little miracle that happens every year.

Over Easter weekend, my thoughts got deep. (watch out)

I was thinking about spring. It comes on so fast. All of the sudden, there is no winter. Is that what it will be like when I have a baby? Will the infertility struggles melt away like a movie scene fade-out? Will it be that simple? Will it be that easy?

And then my thoughts turned to the meaning of Easter.

Isn't it interesting how the renewal we celebrate at Easter is very much like the renewal we see in springtime? It really does come at the perfect time of year.

I moved to the Midwest about two years ago after Mr. Peapod and I got fancy degrees and cool new jobs. Before then I lived in Florida, and it was green all year. No real winter, and therefore no real spring.

I had no idea what I was missing. Spring is by far, my FAVORITE time of year. It's filled with so much hope, that I can't help but smile more and walk with a bounce in my step.

But back to Easter...

On Good Friday I did the stations of the cross instead of going to Good Friday mass. I've never been a fan of doing stations, but a friend gave me a book the night before which illustrates them through Mary's eyes which I thought was a neat concept. So I did 'em.

Maybe it's because infertility is the most poignant suffering I've had in my life. Or maybe it's because being a mother is something I think about a lot lately. But it's the first time I connected the dots and understood how to connect the stations of the cross to my own life. It was kinda neat.

Enough of my deep thoughts for today. Please think happy little IUI thoughts on Wednesday at 10:00. :)

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  1. Good luck hon! Just to share something positive with you to keep you optimistic during your IUI - I actually got pg at age 37 with IUI and injectables using frozen donor sperm. It does work. Believe...