Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boobs & twinges

I've gained 5 pounds in the past two weeks, and I think 90% of it went to my boobs! My nipples hurt, but not enough to distract during normal daily activities. Not like these mounds spilling out of my bra. It's crazy. Mr. Peapod thinks this development is a happy little side affect of HCG. :)

My body is warmer. I don't feel warmer. But my body feels warmer to the touch. My hands are usually cold. Since IUI, every time Mr. P grabs my hand he mentions how much warmer it feels. He cuddles up to me at night and calls me his little heater.

I notice every twinge. Every pang. Every grumble of my tummy wondering... hoping...

This morning I found female reproductive diagrams online, attempting to identify whether the twinges and pangs could possible be located inside my uterus. Because where, exactly, is my uterus? How wide is it? If I feel something in my lower right abdomen, is that it? I think that's too low. But then again, can I really pinpoint exactly where the pain in coming from?

I just started day 7 past IUI. I feel pregnant. At least what I think pregnant would feel like. But I know it's the HCG. At least I'm pretty sure. Right?

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