Monday, March 8, 2010

My lining looks fabulous!

First fertility doctor appointment - done!

And, as has been the case thus far, I feel better AFTER leaving the appointment. I think this is likely due to me expecting the worst, but regardless it feels good.

We "officially" have two options. One great. One so-so.

Option 1 (good): IVF with ICSI
This is exactly as we expected. And if we proceed, they feel that we have a 40-50% chance of achieving pregnancy per IVF cycle.

Option 2 (so-so): Clomid with IUI
I did not expect Dr. S to suggest this. At all. The chance of success is low (only 7-8%), but he feels it's worth trying for 2-3 cycles since we have not had any treatment thus far. And it's MUCH cheaper.

Because it's only a delay of 2-3 months, we are going to try the IUI option first, then go on to IVF. It feels right. Gives us a little more time to save up some funds and get financing in order.

And... Dr.S did a sonogram of my uterus (I took a picture with my iPhone because yes, I'm that geeky).

My lining looks fabulous!
My ovaries are easy to reach!
On day 6 of my cycle, I already have a nice large egg maturing!

Next month: IUI #1


  1. It's always awesome to hear good news!

  2. It's great that the RE is giving you options too. It made me laugh about your ovaries being easy to reach - did you ever think that would be something you'd know, let alone be happy about?

    (I've got one that apparently spirals behind my uterus like a corkscrew... the doc said no one looks like the textbook illustrations!)

  3. Lala - No, I NEVER expected this to be something I needed to know, let alone something that thrills me! :) Funny where the fertility journey takes us.