Sunday, March 28, 2010

Follicular Stimulation with Serophene and IUI, take 1

As expected, the phantom pangs were just that. Phantom. So, we're starting our first round of IUI. Am I prepared? I think so...

Follicular Stimulation with Serophene - Check!
Started last night on cycle day 3.

Ultrasound scheduled - Check!
It will happen on cycle day 9 (Good Friday) since my last cycle only lasted 23 days, and the originally recommended day 12 may be too late.

Trigger shot - Check!
In my fridge, waiting for it's moment of glory.

Now it's just my wackadoodle self and Mr. Peapod, hoping we make it through the 5 days of Serophene in one piece. He's being extra nice to me, and I'm trying not to be too much of a freak.

Dr. S recommended taking it at night to help stave off the mood swings and hot flashes. *Fingers crossed* that I can make it through the week without losing my mind. I get whacked out on just plain birth control... so I'm hoping this is less bad than I'm imagining it will be.


  1. I was majorly afraid of taking Clomid, because of the moods swings and other horrible side-effects. Luckily, it really wasn't too bad. Maybe you'll get off easy!

  2. Thanks for your comment-- I hope this IUI works. Sounds scary, but also exciting. Keep us posted!!!