Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mind games

Evil trickery. That's what it is. Evil trickery!

Why is it that the signs of pregnancy are the same as the signs of a period coming?

On one hand, I am nearly 100% certain I am not pregnant. Dr. B (Urologist) told us it would take a miracle.

On the other hand, my hopeful side wants to believe in that miracle.

Is it stupid to take a pregnancy test just to remind myself it didn't happen?


  1. Not stupid at all, and we've all done it. A million times. If that's what it will take to ease your mind, it's well worth it. :)

  2. Not even a little bit stupid. I've got male & female IF and I know it's virtually impossible.. yet.. when it's late my mind wanders.
    I say take the test, but a cheap one :)

  3. Not stupid at all. I know what you mean, I know I am not pregnant also, but because I am going to Disneyland and I have some of the signs I took one. Don't feel bad or stupid.

  4. I know what you mean!! I am so sorry! I know how hard it is. Even though we would need a miracle to get pregnant naturally...I still hope for it. Because, you can't give up on hope!!

  5. Braver than I am, I think. For me, AF is 7 days late, but because the doctor said it would be impossible on our own, I still haven't taken one. Go do it, then send me brave vibes.

  6. Dollar Tree tests are your friend. They aren't as sensitive as the fancy expensive ones, 25 instead of 20 I think ( has the sensitivities), and at least if you have to do it, you won't be kicking yourself later for the amount of $$ you just pissed away (pun intended) if they are negative. ;)

    I don't use them anymore since the chances are pretty slim to none in getting pregnant on our own after 5 years, but I do remember how badly I wanted to test and test and test when I still thought maybe...

  7. So ... I took the test, negative, and next day got my period. As expected, but it did stop me from playing so many mind games with myself. Thanks for all of your support. :)